About us

Engineering Proto OÜ is an Estonian company, which engineers, develops and produces pretotypes, prototypes and custom-made solutions.

Established in 2018 and since there our team has grown into 7 engineers and specialists, who fill in all aspects from design to final production.

From scratch to a fully usable solution, including procurement, advising, to manufacturing, packaging and shipping.

Our mission is to provide technical and emotional satisfaction. Through wisdom, life-long learning and state-of-art technology.

With years of experience our team has acquired high technical know-how, skill-set, moral sense, empathy and sanity.

We have manufactured various IoT-solutions, for complex gate-systems and monitoring traffic in-house.

Mechanical prototypes have been done by us to ease manufacturing, including stock-feedback and real-time availability.

Long-term relationship with retail-companies has led to an indication-system used by self-checkouts.

With our partner, we have a bearing role in producing lightning-solution being used in the medical field, by pathologists.